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About us

We are Lux Capital, a Fintech with private investment opportunities. Allied to technology we seek to deliver the best experiences outside the conventional model of banks. Technology has become increasingly embedded in our daily lives, offering us innovations, solutions and the best benefits for issues of varying degrees of complexity. In this avant-garde perspective, we emerged in the market contemplating customers with efficiency, agility and convenience. The result of all our creative effort appears in the benefits generated for customers such as practicality, low costs, reduced bureaucracy and greater control over financial operations.
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Our mission

To connect people with the most diverse financial opportunities tied to technology

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Our values

Customer first, integrity and honesty are the combination that interweaves our company to our greatest asset, which are our customers. Focusing on long-term relationships, the most intrinsic characteristic of our team is to empower us for the analysis and solution of the most diverse needs of our customers.

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